Yuletide Loose Incense | Yule incense | Christmas incense | Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice.

The longest night & shortest day.
The return of the Sun.
New beginnings & fresh starts.

Yule, and the energy surrounding the Winter Solstice, is quite possibly my favorite time of year.
This loose incense is the outpouring of that love.
And the potency of the scent, is intoxicating!

Crafted with plants spirits that radiate cleansing & warmth & renewal.
The ingredients have either been wildharvested or homegrown.
All wildharvested ingredients have been gathered by me in the Juniper-Pinon forest west of Sedona, AZ.

MADE WITH: pinon pine branches** & needles; juniper berries**, leaves**, & bark**; organic ceylon cinnamon bark; blue sage leaves*; rosemary*; pinon pine resin**; orange peels*; organic bay leaves (**wildharvested; *homegrown).

Packaged in a twist-top tin (Net Wt. 0.5oz.).
For use as traditional loose incense.
Place loose incense in a fireproof bowl or shell and light until desired amount of smoke is achieved.
Can also be ground into a fine powder prior to use.
Use with or without a charcoal disc.

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