Wild Usnea Tincture | lungs of the forest | cold & flu remedy


Usnea, also called "Old Man's Beard", it is that which hangs from the branches of trees, casting a mystical vibe throughout the woodlands.

Usnea is in fact a lichen, one most commonly found on old growth trees, making up the respiratory system of the forest. Usnea's energy is cooling and drying, and can be useful for the treatment of any number of infections; however, it is especially effective on infections of the mucus membranes and of gram-positive bacteria such as staph & strep. Usnea is the perfect treatment for infections related to the lungs, bladder, & gut. It's also wonderful as a cold & flu remedy.

On a stay in the San Juan Mountains during the Summer of 2018, I was blessed to harvest a small amount of Usnea. This tincture is the overage I would like to share with you!

MADE WITH: wildharvested Usnea from the San Juan Mountains near Silverton, CO in July 2018; and allowed to steep in 95% grain alcohol (190 proof) for four(4) New Moon to New Moon lunar cycles.

Packaged in a 1 oz. glass dropper bottle.
To use, take 20-30 drops (approx. one dropperful) up to 4 times daily, or as directed. Best taken diluted in water or herbal tea.
May be used topically as well (dilute appropriately prior to topical application).

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