Wild Pinon Pine Hydrosol | small batch | wildcrafted | plant water | Arizona Pinon Pine



Just as when plants are burned for cleansing smoke, or as incense, and the element of fire allows for a release of their spirit into the smoke, so it is during steam distillation. The elements of fire, air, & water invoke the release of all the life-giving properties contained within the plant material...transforming them into an aqueous solution know as hydrosol.

Humanity has been using this method when working with medicinal plants for thousands and thousands of years (as far back as 5000 B.C. according to some accounts). It is in fact, the purest, most magically potent, form of plant spirit medicine available.

My ritual of distillation is focused primarily on the transformation of plant material into hydrosol. This requires careful attention during the harvest, coupled with the nurturing of an ancient alchemical process.

All of the hydrosols I create, along with containing the very biochemical essence of the plant, possess the same medicinal & aromatic properties of the plant’s essential oils (but in a safer, more abundantly useful, form).

Hours are spent.
Loving intentions are set.
And the spirits of the plants are preserved.


The Piñon Pine is the great guardian of Arizona’s high desert landscape. It has healed & nourished inhabitants of this land for millennia.

One look at the way the Piñon produces copious amounts of pitch to seal its fractures & wounds and you’ll understand its affinity as gracious healer.

Likewise, Piñon’s magic lies in its energetics. Just one spray of Piñon hydrosol will infuse peace, grounding, and calm; you might notice an elevation in mood and an increase in intuitive abilities; physical & emotional stagnation has no place in its presence.

Topically, Piñon hydrosol, has the ability to revive & hydrate sun worn, dry skin; healing a myriad of rashes and inflammations. Not to mention, it is extremely soothing to the respiratory system (try diffusing Piñon hydrosol in your diffuser during the cold & flu season to ease respiratory symptoms).


•Distilled in small batches, using wildcrafted needles & resinous twigs of the Piñon Pine I hand gather from the forests in Arizona’s Rim & High Country.
•Distillation takes place within 24 hours of harvest.
•Handcrafted in my home-based Arizona apothecary, using a glass steam distillation system.
•Distillation Date: April 2019
•Shelf Life: 2 years

Choose between:
•1 fl. oz. (30 mL) clear glass spray bottle
•2 fl. oz. (60 mL) clear glass spray bottle
•8 fl. oz. amber glass bottle
•16 fl. oz. amber glass bottle
•32 fl. oz. amber glass bottle