Wild Chaparral (Creosote) Smoke Wand | medicine of the ancients


Handmade with wild Chaparral I harvest in the Sonoran Desert near my home, these smoke wands are an excellent choice for a unique and powerful form of healing.

It is said that Chaparral (creosote bush) is one of the oldest living organisms on the planet! They’ve even carbon dated one cluster growing in California to 11,500
years old!

So not only does the smoke of Chaparral (creosote bush) support negative energy clearing like other plant spirits...if you are looking for answers, wisdom of the ancients, & ancestral connection...chaparral is your medicine.

MADE WITH:: Sonoran Desert chaparral leaf harvested near Black Canyon City, AZ; wrapped by hand, using all natural hemp cord.

Approximately 8 inches in length.
For use as you would traditional sage.