Stress Relief Smoke Wand | smudge stick | earth medicine | forest bathing | self care gift


Lack of motivation.


The ancient & steadfast tree spirits (of juniper & pinon pine), who flourish in the face of some of the harshest landscapes, come to offer us wisdom in this modern age. Infused also with some of the oldest forms of smoke medicine (White Sage, rosemary, & bay leaf), and we have a potent ally against the effects of stress.

The burning of this incense is an act of re-connection.

Do not hesitate to call on the medicine anytime it is needed; during meditation & ritual, cleansing of negative energies, and for protection.

MADE WITH: juniper & pinon pine harvested from the forest west of Sedona, AZ; white sage sourced from the only certified organic white sage farm in the U.S.; garden grown rosemary; garden grown bay leaf; wrapped with all-natural hemp cord

Listing is for one (1) smoke wand.
Each smoke wand is approx. 6 inches in length.
Each wand may vary in shape.

Packaged in a Sacred Smoke Herbals hand stamped muslin bag.

For use as traditional smudge.
Light the smudge stick, allow flame to go out, and gently blow on the embers until desired amount of smoke is achieved.
Allow the smoke to bathe you and your space, as desired.
Use an abalone shell to collect any ash.
Repeat as often as desired.