Stress Relief Loose Incense | loose smudge | stress relief smudge | forest bathing incense | pinon,


Stress relief.
Immune building.

Forest bathing.

Science now confirms what our bodies & souls have intuitively always known...
...time spent in nature reduces stress, boosts our immune system function, and enhances general well-being.

While it isn't always possible to retreat to soak in the medicine of the trees...
...this handcrafted incense brings the forest to you.

MADE WITH: wildcrafted pinon needles, chunks of pinon resin, and juniper leaves hand-harvested from the forest land west of Sedona, AZ; garden-grown rosemary & blue sage; organic bay leaf

Packaged in a twist-top tin (Net Wt. 0.5 oz.).

For use as traditional loose incense.
Place loose incense in a fireproof vessel and light until desired amount of smoke is achieved.
Burn resin with a charcoal disc for best results.