Smudge It! A Complete Energy Cleansing Kit | smudge kit | juniper smudge | new home purification



The smoke of these plant & tree spirits, combined here in this unique smudge kit, has the ability to cleanse, purify, and restore balance to your aura & space. Handcrafted with wildharvested juniper from the forest near Sedona, AZ, blue sage from my organic garden, the ancient Palo Santo, and the highly vibrational selenite; use these offerings to clear your environment for meditation, ceremony, peace + calm, general well-being, stress relief, and all the positive energy you can handle.

Complete Kit Contains:
-1 Juniper + Sage Smoke Wand (approx. 3-4 in. in length)
-3 Palo Santo sticks (approx. 3-4 in. in length)
-1 Selenite log
-1 5-6 inch abalone shell

Packaged in a hand-stamped muslin bag.

Juniper + Sage Smoke Wand>>>MADE OF<<

Un-bundle Palo Santo and selenite prior to use. Light your stick of Palo Santo with fire. Allow it to burn for about approximately 45 seconds-1 minute and then blow out. Take the smoke to all desired space for negative energy clearing. Likewise, place the stick in a fire-safe bowl or shell while allowing the ember to extinguish. Repeat as often as desired. Burn the Juniper + Sage Smoke Wand as you would traditional smudge sticks.