Sickroom Cleansing Incense | cleansing incense | purifying smudge



This incense is wonderful to have on hand all year long! The smoke of each plant spirit imparts potent anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral blessings, and are especially effective when burned in a space during/after illness; also beneficial for cleansing use after de-cluttering or deep cleaning, and/or after stressful events/gatherings in the home.

Crafted with the highest healing intention, Sickroom Incense contains juniper leaves & bark hand-harvested from the forest west of Sedona, AZ, creosote leaf hand-harvested from the Sonoran Desert near my home, blue sage & rosemary grown in my garden, organic lavender flowers, and Palo Santo pieces.

Burn this loose incense with care & reverence, and health & wellness will be yours.

Packaged in a twist-top tin (Net Wt. 0.5 oz.).

For use as traditional loose incense.
Place loose incense in a fireproof vessel and light until desired amount of smoke is achieved.
Burn with or without a charcoal disc.