Rolled Herbal Blends for the Mystics


/H E M P/ has been a part of human history for millennia. It's spirit has strong, mystical roots within the realm of healing, love, visions, and meditation. Likewise, /H E M P/ has been a blessing to humanity through it's cultivation for fiber to make cloth and paper. Her medicine is for the people...and the Earth.

*Flower Power (100mg) -- 100% organic Lifter flower.
*Clear Mind (80mg) -- 90% organic AC/DC flower and 10% organic peppermint leaf.
*Holy Basil + Lavender (100mg) -- 90% organic Lifter flower and 10% organic tulsi + lavender flowers.
*Rose + Jasmine (100mg) -- 90% organic Lifter flower and 10% organic rose petals + jasmine flowers.
*Moon Dust (200mg) -- 100% organic Lifter flower + 100mg isolate.

Each corked, glass vial contains one(1) Net. Wt. 0.6g preroll.
Rolled in organic /H E M P/ cones.
All blends are made with industrial /H E M P/ flower and in accordance with the U.S. Federal Farm Bill of 2018.

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