ROOTED | a wild topical to protect, cleanse, & ground


Crafted by hand, from wild-harvested pinon pine resin I collect in the Juniper-Pinon Region of Northern Arizona, the benefits of ROOTED are pure magic! Due to its ability to draw energy to the site of application, a salve made of pinon pine has the power to soothe, calm, protect, restore balance, and ground.

This plant magic is shared through ways only known by the spirits of the trees.
Deeply ROOTED.

TO USE: I apply this salve topically to pulse points, temples, over my heart, or to the soles of my feet whenever I find myself in need of protection, calm, and grounding. It is also exceptionally beneficial for topical application upon severely dry, chapped skin; even useful for wound healing.

MADE WITH: organic sunflower oil infused with wild-harvested pinon pine resin + needles; all-natural beeswax; a small piece of pinon pine resin in the bottom of the tin; wild-harvested pinon pine essential oil.

Packaged in a 1 oz. tin.
For topical use only.

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