New Moon Ritual Smoke Wand | smudge stick | New Moon incense


New Moon.
Intention Setting.
New Beginnings.

The new moon is a time of intention setting + new beginnings.
It ushers in a sacred energy of intention and offers us the opportunity for self-reflection + growth.

To harness the magic of the New Moon, it is important to establish rituals of self-care during this potent lunar phase.

Smoke medicine is key to any New Moon ritual!

Wildharvested juniper is a tree spirit used to aid in manifestation.
Blue Sage, grown in my organic garden, invokes energy clearing.
Lavender flowers bring peace + calm to the ritual space.
Rosemary, one of the most ancient of plant incenses, is highly protective + cleansing.

MADE WITH: juniper branches hand-harvested from the Juniper-Pinon forest west of Sedona, AZ; garden-fresh blue sage; garden-fresh rosemary; garden-fresh lavender flowers; hand wrapped with all-natural hemp cord

Each smudge stick is approx. 5-6 inches in length.
Comes packaged in a Sacred Smoke Herbals hand stamped, natural cotton muslin bag.

For use as traditional smudge on the night of the New Moon. Light the end of the New Moon Smoke Wand and gently blow on it until you see a smoldering glow (use an abalone shell to collect embers). Take the smoke to all desired space, and around your own body, during your ritual. Repeat as often as desired.

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