New Moon Ritual Kit | smudge kit | crystal + smudge bundle | New Moon magic


Goal setting.

New beginnings.
New adventures.
New relationships.

The New Moon energy pulses...providing us a time of turning inward + tapping into our intuition + setting intentions.


It’s a wonderful time for evaluating our lives & deciding what we want to create and how we want to grow.

This phase is the time to rest + collect energy + plan + dream.

Complete New Moon Ritual Kit:
-1 New Moon Smoke Wand
-1 tin New Moon Smoking Blend (Net Wt. 7g)
-New Moon Crystal Set
-1 5-6 inch abalone shell
Kit packaged in a hand-stamped Sacred Smoke Herbals muslin bag.

New Moon Ritual Smoke Wand>>>MADE OF<<

New Moon Smoking Blend>>>MADE OF<<

New Moon Crystal Set>>>INCLUDES<<<1 piece black tourmaline, 1 blue kyanite stick, 1 selenite wand

To harness the magic of the New Moon, it is important to establish rituals of self-care during this potent 3-day lunar phase. Smoke + crystal medicine is vital to any New Moon ritual! The following are only recommendations. Let your intuition guide you through the use of these tools.
-New Moon Ritual Smoke Wand—For use as traditional smudge.
-New Moon Smoking Blend—Burning as a smoke is recommended. Also potent for use as a tea.
-New Moon Crystal Set—Crystals with the potency to aid in manifestation, new beginnings, visioning, and grounding.