Litha Magick Smoke Wand | ritual | Summer Solstice


The longest day.
The shortest night.

The Sun is in its fullness of power.

Summer begins.

The garden displays what will soon be a bountiful harvest. This is a joyous time of renewal.

These stunning smoke wands have been crafted to assist you in celebration through ritual as the Whee of the Year turns once more.

MADE WITH: organically grown White Sage from the only certified organic white sage farm in the US; garden-grown mint, tulsi, thyme, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, blue sage flowers, black sage (magic sage), yarrow, and amaranth; and a variety of local roses & wildflowers

-listing is for one(1) wand
-each wand is approximately 9-inches in length
-color, size, shape, and wildflowers used may vary & will be intuitively chosen

**This is for pre-orders. Your wand has been freshly harvested and wrapped; it will ship in 1-2 weeks as soon as dried and safe for travel to your care.

Burn as you would traditional sage.