La Luna | a pre-rolled herbal blend for a woman's moon


Historically, a woman's moon was honored as a sacred time of release and renewal. However...due to our modern societal responsibilities and obligations...we often miss out on the blessing of rest, creativity, and visioning brought on during this exceptionally powerful time in our body's cycle.

Establishing rituals of rejuvenation and setting apart time for reflection, are a few of the most valuable acts of self-care we as women can participate in during our moontime. So why don't you give yourself, even if just for a few moments, the gift of smoke medicine in La Luna's herbal blend.

MADE WITH >>>organic ingredients<<< raspberry leaf, wild dagga, mugwort, rose petals, and lavender flowers.

Rolled in organic /H E M P/ cones.
Packaged in a slide-top tin.
Contains 10 pre-rolls.

Add organic industrial /H E M P/ flower for the whole plant benefits (/H E M P/ flower is non-psychoactive and grown in accordance with the 2018 U.S. Federal Farm Bill). When added, each pre-roll contains 10mg. Packaged 10 pre-rolls per tin.

Add Moon Dust (a.k.a. industrial /H E M P/-derived isolate). When added, each pre-roll contains 30mg. Packaged 10 pre-rolls per tin.

Add both flower + Moon Dust! When added, each pre-roll contains 40mg. Packaged 10 pre-rolls per tin.

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