Juniper Rose Sacred Smudge Wand | Lavender Smudge | floral smudge bundle


Relax the mind.

Gift yourself, or someone super special, with one of these truly magical smudge wands. I have handcrafted each one with the highest loving intention using Juniper wild-harvested from the forest west of Sedona, AZ, organic lavender flowers, rose buds sourced locally, & rose petals fresh from my garden. Each is wrapped in all-natural hemp cord.

Burn it, or don't!

Each smudge stick is approx. 7-8 inches in length.
Each stick may vary in shape & color of flowers.
Listing is for one (1) wand.

For use as traditional smudge. Take the smoke to all desired space for negative energy clearing. Likewise, place the stick in a fire-safe bowl or shell while allowing the smoke to cleanse you & your space. Repeat as often as desired.