Goddess Floral Sage Smoke Wand | organic White Sage, lavender flowers, rose buds


As Clarissa Pinkola Estés says,
“The psyches and souls of
women also have their own
cycles and seasons of
doing and solitude,
running and staying,
being involved and being removed,
questing and resting,
creating and incubating,
being of the world and returning to the soul-place.”

These gorgeous White Sage, lavender, & rose floral smoke wands are not only lovely to look at, they are an energetic masterpiece...handcrafted with the intention of supporting the magical journey of womanhood.

-White Sage to cleanse, clear, and energize; the smoke of this sacred spirit promotes spiritual, mental, emotional, & physical health.
-Lavender for love, protection, purification, & peace; burning the flowers can heal depression & induce sleep.
-Rosemary to purify & remove negative energy.
-Rose magic is known for divine love, friendships, inducing peace & happiness in the home, and supporting lasting relationships.

MADE WITH: certified organic white sage, organic lavender flowers, garden-fresh rosemary, and organically-grown whole rose buds; wrapped in all-natural hemp cord

-Listing is for one(1) approx. 6-7 inch smoke wand
-Each wand is individually handcrafted, therefore each wand may have slight variations in shape, size, and color of flowers

Use as you would traditional sage during ritual.