Floral Sage Ritual Smoke Wand | smoke cleansing | energy cleansing


More beauty.
More magick.

Inject your sacred space with this lovingly handcrafted, highly vibrational plant spirit medicine!

-White Sage to cleanse, clear, and energize; the smoke of this sacred spirit promotes spiritual, mental, emotional, & physical health.
-Lavender for love, protection, purification, & peace; burning the flowers can heal depression & induce sleep.
-Rose Buds magic is known for divine love, friendships, inducing peace & happiness in the home, and supporting lasting relationships.

MADE WITH: fresh cut, certified organic white sage; organic lavender flowers; organically-grown whole rose buds; wrapped in all-natural hemp cord

-Listing is for one(1) approx. 7-8 inch smoke wand
-Each wand is individually handcrafted, therefore each wand may have slight variations in shape, size, and color of flowers

Use as you would traditional sage during your smoke medicine rituals.