Enlighten Ritual Smoke | a blend of soothing herbs


Enlighten ritual smoke is a synergistic blend of soothing herbs and /H E M P/ flower. When enjoyed in moderation, it has the ability to support peace for the nervous system, quietness for the mind, healing for the respiratory system, and spiritual insight for the soul.

MADE WITH >>> hyssop*; /H E M P/ flowers*; marshmallow leaf*; lavender flowers*; white sage* (*organic)

-Each tin contains total Net. Wt. 14g of product.
-Burning as a smoke (in a pipe/vaporizer or rolled), and/or for ceremony is recommended.
-Also magically potent for use as a tea or tincture (use 1 tsp. per cup of tea).
-Includes 600mg per tin.
-Crafted in accordance with the U.S. Federal Farm Bill of 2018.

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