Blue Sage Loose Smudge

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This loose smudge is crafted with the highly fragrant blue sage grown in my organic backyard garden. It is well known for moving stagnant energy, dispelling negative energy, and purifying the air.

Sage smoke is a powerful medicine for our well being.


It is a necessary part of every sacred practice. I love to burn it in new spaces, after illness, after de-cluttering or deep cleaning, and/or after stressful events/gatherings in the home. Because of its' anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral blessings...sage is our great healer.

MADE WITH: homegrown organic blue sage leaves and flowers

Packaged by volume in a 4 oz. tin (approx. 4g in wt.).
For use as traditional smudge.
Place loose smudge in a fireproof bowl or shell and light. Can be used with or without a charcoal disc.

**Due to the homegrown nature of this product, supply is limited.

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