Beltane Ritual Smoke Wand | floral smoke cleansing




Beltane is a time to celebrate Spring & the coming Summer months.
A time to honor the longer days & the warmth of the sun.
A time to renew our connection to the natural world.

As mama Earth blooms, so too does the human spirit!

I have infused these wands with the intention that they be used as allies to support and invoke reverence for the season.

Handcrafted & wrapped with:

•Juniper to assist us in healing , resilience, wisdom, and inner strength.
•White Sage to clear and cleanse all negativity.
•Pinon Pine to bring prosperity, abundance, energy, fertility, and rebirth.
•Lavender to bring peace, protection, purification, attracting love, clarity of thought.
•Rosemary to promote healing, protection, purification, increase effectiveness of love & lust spells, stress relief, and mental clarity.
•Mugwort to increase lust and fertility.
•Amaranth to heal broken hearts and protection.
•Tansy for health, immortality, longevity, and keeps evil intentions away.
•Strawflower for luck, longevity, and for long-lasting love.
•And Rose for blessings, love, and protection.

HAND WRAPPED WITH: wild juniper and pinon pine harvested from the forest near Sedona, AZ; organic white sage from the only certified white sage farm in the U.S.; organic lavender, mugwort, tansy, amaranth, and strawflower; rosemary from my garden; locally-sourced roses

-You will receive a ritual smoke wand approx 7-8 inch in length.
-Each stick may vary in shape & color of flowers.
-Listing is for one (1) wand.

For use as traditional smudge. Take the smoke to all desired space for negative energy clearing. Likewise, place the stick in a fire-safe bowl or shell while allowing the smoke to cleanse you and your space. Beneficial for use during meditation and ritual. Repeat as often as desired.