Aura Cleansing Smoke Wand | smudge stick | auric energy | higher self


Over emotional?
Creatively uninspired?
In a rut?

In our modern societies, we find our auras can be easily weakened simply by daily interactions...add in toxic relationships, challenging family dynamics, low vibrational environmental energy, unfulfilling careers, & the like; all of which can leave us feeling completely depleted and our auras in desperate need of cleansing.

Bathing in the soothing smoke medicine found in the ancient plant spirits such as wild juniper, organic white sage, lavender, & rosemary could make all the difference!

MADE WITH: juniper harvested from the forest west of Sedona, AZ; white sage sourced from the only certified organic white sage farm in the U.S.; garden grown lavender flowers; garden grown rosemary; wrapped with all-natural hemp cord

Each smudge stick is approx. 6-7 inches in length.
Each stick may vary in shape.

Packaged in a Sacred Smoke Herbals hand stamped muslin bag.
Listing is for one (1) smudge stick.

For use as traditional smudge.
Light the smudge stick, allow flame to go out, and gently blow on the embers until desired amount of smoke is achieved.
Allow the smoke to bathe all parts of the body beginning with the feet and working all the way to the crown of the head.
Use an abalone shell to collect any ash.

Also wonderful for use during meditation and ritual.

Repeat as often as desired.